Operation Helping Heroes

We offer support to our nation’s heroes, their children and families whether they be active military, National Guardsmen, veterans or first responders.

Military Families Need Your Help Now:

I am requesting assistance for help for my rent, truck payment, and utilities. We are a family of five, with myself my wife and three children. I have been enlisted in the army since April 2013. Since I returned from AIT we have been in a downward spiral, I have been trying to find gainful employment with no success. We lost our house to foreclosure in February and had to move to a trailer which we are still not able to afford due to no employment. I started working on May 14th with a temporary company called Trojan Labor and unfortunately the same day that I started to work was the same day that my vehicle was repossessed. I still have my job however I have no means of transportation. I am still looking for work trying everything I can to help my family out and get out of the situation in which we are currently in.

– Pv2 Luis Ayala, Oak Grove KY

Recently (about a year ago) my sister crystal totaled her car. My parents knew about this, but didn’t realize that my sister did not have insurance. This became a big deal, because the car was actually in my father’s name. the total came to about 30,000 and my parents had to file for bankruptcy. My parents have officially taken guardianship of my sisters 4 kids. The kids are unorderly and disobedient, but they are being well cared for. The house has been repaired on an as needed basis. Now that they don’t have that extra income, when repairs are needed, they are discarded as non-priorities and I can honestly see why. I guess what I am asking for is a chance to return to my parents what they gave me as a kid. Hope, charity no matter what, and the basic principle of giving. I would give them everything I had if I could.

– Marine Reservist Michael Yancey, Simpsonville KY

What you can do to help!
  1. Donate $10, $20, $50, $100 online; http://www.razoo.com/story/Operation-Helping-Heroes
    Checks can be made out to Service For Peace and mailed to PO Box 17006 Louisville, KY 40217. All donations are tax-deductible
  2. Volunteer or sponsor one of our various programs such as:
    • Backpack Angel Program-(May to August)-Where we help children with backpacks and school supplies. Host a fundraiser or collect backpacks and school supplies.
    • 9/11 Salute to our Heroes: Benefit Concert at 4th Street Live– (September 11th) Come join us for a night of fun and great music as we honor our first responders and military heroes. Click here for more information.
    • Christmas Angel Program-(Oct. to Dec.)-Help a veteran or military family in need with Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners. Help provide gift cards. toys and/or clothes for the children of our military heroes so they have a joyful Christmas & Holiday Season.
  3. Help promote “Operation Helping Heroes” on your social media sites or through e-mail blasts.  Here is the fundraising link that you can promote where people can donate online: http://www.razoo.com/story/Operation-Helping-Heroes
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Local TV Stations Help Promote Operation Helping Heroes


WDRB – Volunteers help local disabled veteran